All the Things in the Big Little Lies Finale That Made Absolutely No Sense LOTS OF SPOILERS AHEAD!

Our favorite TV show of the year (so far) has officially wrapped up Contemporary & Designer, and all the secrets and lies in the town of Monterey have been revealed. (Well not all of them; it isn’t entirely clear whether Ed has finally caught on to the fact that Madeline cheated on him.) For those of you who watched the finale—and really, why would you be reading this if you hadn’t?!—we’re sure, like us, you still have a few questions about the ending of HBO’s latest hit show. In fact, there were quite a few things that didn’t make a whole lot of sense in tonight’s episode. Below, and in no particular order, a few of our lingering concerns.

Celeste and those latex gloves Maternity.

While Celeste is busy preparing the oceanfront apartment she has secretly rented as her escape plan from her abusive husband Team Sports, Perry, for some inexplicable reason, she’s doing the unpacking, fluffing, and folding, all while wearing latex gloves. Maybe she has help back at home who usually do this kind of dirty work for her—you know, stacking a refrigerator, artfully arranging stuffed animals, placing clothes in drawers—but Celeste can’t be that concerned about getting her hands dirty. And why would she be using latex gloves? She seems like the type who would buy a pair of adorable pastel rubber ones from Williams Sonoma. If fingerprints are her concern, why would she take her gloves off once she starts building her new Ikea furniture? (In her defense, when confronted with those nonsense assembly instructions, we usually have to hold back tears, too.)

Does Nathan have a job?

Throughout the show, there’s no mention of what Madeline’s former jerk of an ex-husband actually does for a living. By the look of his house, it’s something lucrative—Bonnie’s yoga studio certainly isn’t paying the mortgage on their expansive, boho digs. But he’s always in jeans and picking up his kid from school: What kind of a high-paying job offers that sort of flexibility and lax dress code? Please tell us your secrets, Nathan!

Perry recovers pretty quickly, given the . . . sensitivity of the issue.

He’s pretty keen to jump into those tight leather trousers of his Elvis outfit—especially given he just underwent a major trauma on his nether regions a few nights previous Clothing Accessories.

Why is this public school fundraiser so over the top?

This is perhaps the most confounding part of the Big Little Lies finale Petite. First, of all, there’s a red carpet! With paparazzi! And valet parking! We get that these parents don’t get out much, but making the school fundraiser into the equivalent of Monterey’s own Academy Awards seems like a bit much. Also, who in their right mind would place hundreds of lanterns in the middle of drought-ridden California? And, as the show rightly proves, an open bar at a elementary school event on campus is just a bad idea from the get-go. Finally, this is a public school! Surely they’re held accountable for their funding in this type of event?

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